Equilibre Games

When you really want to do it, and all conditions are met, creating a studio makes sense.

After years practicing development and software design in numerous domains, one of them was the one I truely was attracted to. My very first software, created after learning Turbo Pascal by reading the compiler book, was a snake: a game. One says that we learn well by playing. A tiny RPG using DOS graphic libraries, demos on linux, a shoot’em’up on a Texas Instrument calculator containing only 2400 bytes of memory, a popcorn-like where you control the ball on the HP48 calculator, the list of started and unfinished (or unpublished) games is very long, and shows the amateur side.

Back in 2007, I chose Unity, available on mac only

All those started but not finished projects were bothering me, I wanted to make a full game, publish it on a platform, limited by the amount of free time I have after my day job. So I ended up testing engines and libraries, not the bigger ones that I could not afford, then I found Unity3D, which was available on mac only. I borrowed an Apple computer, tested this environment and I immediately loved it!

A few months later, here I am, with a brand new mac, testing the engine which delivers its iPhone version. One game later, published on the App Store so I can validate the pipeline from the start to the end, I start to plan what is going next.

  1. A way too ambitious project, check.
  2. No marketing skill, check.
  3. No delivery schedule, check.

Ok, I need a plan

How was born Equilibre Games

During the year 2010, I start working on a project a little less ambitious, find a graphist that can combine with my own development and design skills, and I decide to write a Business Plan to create my very own studio, around 3 axis:

  • Intellectual Property creation,
  • Unity tools sales,
  • Work for hire.

Good to know, Unity launches its asset store (it’s not really random), a store that is integrated in the engine and allows to sell your own assets, wether it’s sound, 3D models, scripts or anything that can be used inside Unity.

So, it’s starting, I can leave my day job with a specific training program and a little financing, launch my company with a first work for hire contract, the story begins!